How to Assemble Your Grow Tent Beginner

If you want to learn how to setup a grow tent then we have this useful grow tent setup article for you, which also gives useful tips on how to setup a small grow room. After reading this helpful grow tent setup guide, you’ll realize setting up a grow tent is not rocket science. 

How to Set Up a Grow Tent: For Beginners

While there are small variations in the design depending on the manufacturer, all grow tents are portable, and covered with a durable reflective fabric. They can be set up or taken down as needed, allowing you to configure them into an existing space or relocate with ease.

For new growers, they are extremely effective because they allow for complete control of the growing environment. For growers with an existing setup, new grow tents can be added with minimum effort.  Grow tents also allow you access to change lamps or other elements of without any disruption to your plants.

Other benefits of using a grow tent to consider include:

  • Energy efficiency.
    There are many power saving options available within your setup, including efficient LED lights, ventilation fans, and timers. Energy efficiency can result in cost savings, too.
  • Circulating fresh air to plants.
    You can provide clean, carbon-dioxide rich air to plants, which is vital to their growth and development.
  • Pest control.
    Many species of insect are destructive to cannabis plants. A grow tent will help prevent infestations, allowing for organic methods of pest control. This is critical for growers hoping to obtain green certifications in their states, where applicable.
  • Optimal lighting scenario.
    Besides being able to customize your lighting setup, the tent material itself is generally reflective, allow you to bounce light as needed, and to bathe your plants in light.

Grow Tent Setup Guide: Choosing the Right Tent

Considerations when choosing the right size tent include:

  • Size. Determine the number of plants to be grown and their height. Most home growers grow at least 8-9 plants in one tent.
  • Ventilation flaps. The tent should have at least two ventilation flaps.
  • Rigid Stability. Ability to support the light unit (s) and carbon filter, along with any additional hardware.  The weight that the structure can hold will be indicated on the product packaging.
  • Fabric. The tent fabric should be durable and 100 percent light proof when the tent is closed. Look for fire-retardant materials (just in case), or look for tent made of Hemp canvas.


Grow Tent Lights

Cannabis plants require appropriate lighting.  If the lamp or lamps selected is/are inadequate for the size of the tent, you will not get good plant vegetation and bloom. If the light is too large, heat will be an issue.

There are four basic types of lamps: fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, plasma and
light emitting diode (LED). When selecting lighting, besides the proper wattage for the tent, you will also need to consider other variables such as color spectrum, cost, ease of maintenance, and customer support. It is a good idea to consult with your light manufacturer for the appropriate size and type of light for your tent.

Best LED Grow Bulbs for Grow Tent Setup

Also we suggest you consider these easy-to-use LED grow bulbs you may have seen before. They fit into a standard light socket, so they are MUCH easier to setup. They are GREAT for use with a grow tent so you can avoid those huge, heavy, bulky grow lights.

WARNING: Some users have reported their grow tents collapsing from hanging very heavy large grow lights and overheating inside the tent. Avoid those problem by instead using these E27 socket LED grow bulbs, which hang easily and are more heat efficient.

Here’s our recommendation of the best LED grow bulbs for your money AND the easiest ones to use for beginners and hobby growers. 80 Watt bulbs are recommended.

best led grow bulbs

best led grow bulbs

With these Grow bulbs, you can get started growing indoor plants right away because these bulbs fit into a standard household E27 light socket and easy to hang, especially inside a grow tent.  They are Super Easy! Just screw in and you are ready to grow!

led grow light

Choose from 30W, 50W, or 80W power.


Grow Tent Supplies

The following items are recommended to set up a basic grow tent:

  • a grow tent kit
  • a power strip with surge protection
  • a carbon filter of appropriate size for your grow room
  • duct clips
  • hanging equipment
  • an extractor fan
  • a lighting timer
  • a lamp or lamps with accompanying hanging cables
  • a temperature gauge
  • 2 pieces of ducting of several feet in length
  • basic tools for assembly
  • potted plants
  • in quality soil (experienced growers may want to consider a grow system to automate plant care/watering)
  • duct tape (recommended)

Grow Tent Setup Guide – Instructions with Videos

  1. Unpack and setup the tent frame and cover.
  2. Locate the area that the tent is to be installed and complete all necessary measurements to ensure that there is enough space.
  3. Remove the tent parts from their packaging, and place all tools within reach.
  4. Assemble the tent. Here is an instructional youtube video.
  5. Recommended: Plug in the two fans to ensure they are working before installing. Afterwards, you can unplug them.
  6. Grow tent ventilation setup: Install the extraction fan with carbon filter.  See next section for more detailed explanation.
  7. Hang the temperature gage level with your plants. You will want to ensure that the tent is always at the optimal temperature range of 68-82.4 degrees Fahrenheit. You should regularly check your temperature gage after your grow tent has been assembled.
  1. Place your plants inside the grow tent, watering and fertilizing them if necessary.
  2. Test the whole system to ensure that the fans and lights are working properly.
  3. Close the tent, and check for any gaps or holes. The tent should be light tight.

Lastly, regularly check all components of your grow tent to ensure that everything is in proper working order.


Grow Tent Ventilation Setup

In order to avoid problems such as mold, excess heat and humidity is recommended that the air in the tent is refreshed at least twenty times an hour.  Proper grow tent ventilation setup as well as air filtration is very important to get it right.

To get the appropriate fan size of fan, follow this basic calculation:

     length x width x height = n

     n x number of times per hour air is to be refreshed = total volume of air per hour


Carbon Filter
A Carbon filter is attached to an exhaust fan. It filters the air as it passes through, emitting clean air outside of the tent. This is important for neutralizing odors.


Set Up Exhaust Fans

There are several methods to do this, and the example below is the simplest, where an extraction fan is used to remove old, odorous air from the tent, We recommend following manufacturer instructions for your specific setup and growing needs.  Here’s a useful instructional youtube video.

While you can put the extraction fan either inside or outside of the tent, in the example below, it is outside of the tent.

  1. Have an assistant hold the fan outside of the tent with the intake side pointing downward through a ventilation hole.
  2. Secure the carbon filter to the ducting using the duct clips.
  3. Using the hanging equipment, hang the carbon filter to one of the tent’s crossbars.
  4. Thread the ducting through the ventilation hole and connect to the fan.
  5. Connect the other length of ducting to the extraction side of the fan.
  6. Feed the opposite end of the ducting that is connected to the extraction side of the fan through an open window or a hole in the wall (ensuring that this has been vented out).

How to Use a Grow Tent

Now that you have your grow tent setup, you’re ready to get started growing.  If you are wondering what are your next steps, check back for more tips we’ll be bringing you on how to use a grow tent properly. Stay tuned and good luck.

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